The Thanthra Vidya Peedham – A Unique institution

Inherited from great sages, the Kerala Thanthrasasthra was practiced and passed through generations of devout Acharyas. When scholars in the Sasthra became scarce due to deterioration in spiritual and scholarly standards of later generations, Thanthra Vidya Peedham was started to revive and sustain this branch of the ancient body of knowledge.

The vidyapeedham was founded in 1972 by the late Madhavji, a leader of social and spiritual renaissance in Kerala. The institution started functioning with the active cooperate of renowned Acharyas and blessings of Sri Sri Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peedham.

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Late. Madhavji


Late. Brahmashri Kalpuzha Divakaran Namboodiripad


Curriculum of Vidya Peedham

The vidyapeedham is an educational institution which brings out qualified Acharyas of character and devotion. It offers a seven year course in the ancient sciences of temples (Kerala system).

Boys who have passed tenth standard and above undergone the Samskaras of Upanayanam and Samavarthanam are eligible for admission to the course. A batch of students, not exceeding ten, is admitted every year on the basis of a rigid selection process, scrutinizing their Horoscope.

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Thanthra Vidya Peedham - A Gurukulam

Vidya Peedham follows the traditional Gurukulam system of education under the guidance of the Kulapathi. The students staking the vidyapeedham learn and work together without paying fees or charges other than a Guridakshina. They also get out station training, practice discipline and self reliance and acquaint with the cultural heritage of the country.

The student who pass out of the institution as Thanthraratnas are Acharyas having modern education and expertise in temple Sasthra and they always earn appreciation and approbation all-round.

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